Daneson 6-Pack



  • 6 Pack flavoured toothpicks
  • Includes gift box
  • Made in Canada

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The Every Blend 6-Pack features one bottle of each flavour we carry.

This beautiful gift box is the ideal starter kit for those who are interested in learning what we’re all about. Think of it as a stepping stone towards finding your preferred blend. The Traditional blends that are included include a bottle each of our Cinnamint No.7, Mint No.9, Salted Birch No.8, and Lemon No.11.
Packed alongside these are a bottle each of our premium Single Malt No.16 and Bourbon No.22 – Select Diamond-Select_icon blends.
This new packaging type is the result of feedback from many customers who wanted to be able to try out all our blends in one package – voila, here you go.


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